Key weapons are-mines,wrench,machine gun,and rifle.

Using the Mine-On capture the flag, it is essential to keep the flag so lay mines around your flag and then sneak into their base and lay mines around their flag!!

Using the wrench-The wrench is a replacement for the knife.It can kill and repair vehicles at the same time.In a tank,as passenger,you need to use the wrench so after tough battles you can fell safe.During battles,press triangle and hack away!

Using the Machine gun-On Team deathmatch,sneak into the enemy base so that when they respawn,you can open fire!(There is an importance in zones for this to happen)

Using the rifle-Take cover somewhere and lay surpression fire or kill fire to give your comrades time.(Best done with 2 or more snipers)


Best used for recon missions.You can make a quick get away with the flag or zip into the enemy base with 2 or more jeeps and open up machine gun fire on that 50. Cal Emplacement.

Watch out though!Pistol shots can't hurt and like some sites say, "Somebody's obviously wanting to hop in with you!", well, it can also mean infantry is trying to kill you and only has the knife and pistol.

Quickly identify the shooter, he might have a knife and that most likely means hes enemy.RUN HIM OVER.


The tank is the badboy, just face it.It takes out planes with one hit and is not to slow.USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!On island outpost, I like to drive up the ramps, shooting planes and explosives in my way.Once I get to the top, I sit and wait for the respawners.They never get spawned.Go in larger groups with this.

Thats all, and remember, if you all stay together, your more likely to win!

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