Have you ever wanted to hide from those pesky Warhawks, or escape from tanks?(Notice I did'nt include 4x4's,because the will run you over no matter what) LISTEN TO THIS... YOU CAN!!


Face it, they dominate the game.But you don't have to let 'em.On Island Outpost And Island Battle,There is always a way.When they're chasing you, simply run into the armor depot(where the tanks and jeeps are held)and hide for a little while.Now, good pilots can hover low and blow you away.But you can stop them.Get in a tank and aim at the big entrance so if they go to low...


This is the hard one.I'm not sure if this works,but hey,you die on Warhawk so whatever.If a tank is firing at you,use this."If you can't beat 'em, be 'em" Try running up to the tank.Once close enough, jump on top to the hatch.Fromthere you can use any weapon or comfuse the person into getting out.

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